Create your Christmas Wish List with Polaris Office!


So, the holidays are coming up in a matter of days and most of you are probably purchasing gifts or at least making your wish lists. For a list to display your innermost materialistic desires, it should be quick and simple to make, right? Well, you can easily create your very own holiday wish list with the Polaris Office app on your mobile device! Here’s how:

Step 1:

Open the ‘Polaris Office’ app on your mobile device and tap the red button (with the plus sign) in the bottom right corner. That will bring up a toggle to open one of four types of files: Text, Slide, Sheet, and Word. For a wish list, I think ‘Word’ is the most appropriate file type, so let’s press that!

Step 2:


Tapping on ‘Word’ will create a new Word document. Polaris Office offers a variety of templates to establish the base theme of your document. However, there doesn’t seem to be any holiday related templates so we’ll tap on ‘Blank’.

Step 3:

Since we have our blank document, the first thing we should do is add a flashy title! Title it whatever you would like and you should probably center it with the ‘Indentation Options’. To add some flare into it, I bolded, increased font size, and colored my title. You have lots of options to be creative here! Go through all the options and see how you can customize your title.

Step 4:

Now we’re still making a ‘list’, right? Then we should place some ‘Bullets’ to list the presents that we wish for! I picked the star-shaped bullets to match the holiday spirit and I also italicized the item I want most! It’s all up to you to decorate your holiday wish list so choose freely!

Step 5:

Since we’re basically done creating our holiday wish list, let’s add more decorative elements to it. There are unlimited options on decorating from Polaris Office, however, some recommended options are adding and framing images and drawing on the document with ‘Free draw’.

Step 6:

You’re done creating your list, but now you need someone to go buy these sweet presents for you. So you have to share it, right? In order to do share, you need to tap the ‘Share’ icon in the top right part of the app where you can ‘Share link’, ‘Attach to Email’, and ‘Invite People’ to view your document.

So what’s on your holiday wish list? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts!


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