Polaris Office v7.0.0 Update (Android)!


Polaris Office for Android devices is now updated to version 7.0.0! This update brings a bevy of improvements to our app including a UI refresh, new editing features, and much more. Continue reading to check out the rest of the changes!

An Improved UI

Screenshot_2015-10-23-12-46-39 [1395956]

The user interface has gone through several changes to both the phone and tablet versions of the app. The tablet version is now much more optimized for editing and navigation.

New Editing Features


With version 7.0.0, users have access to many new editing features. These features include:

  • Ability to ‘Select all’
  • Bookmark within PDF files
  • Insert multiple images at a time
  • Hyperlink within documents
  • New toolbar to quickly access certain editing features

“Star” Important Documents



We added a special new feature of marking ‘stars’ on documents. By marking stars, users can quickly access their favorite and most important documents on a readily accessible list located on the left tab.

Easier Sharing


The 7.0.0 update allows users to share documents much more easily with a redesigned sharing interface and new options.

Click here and go update your Polaris Office app today!


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