Google launches Android Pay!

By Ho Young Won


Earlier this year, Google announced the development of a new payment system called Android Pay. After much anticipation, Google finally launched the service a few days ago and the application is starting to become available to all users. Android Pay will allow smartphone users to pay without the inconvenience of wallets or credit cards and may change the role of smartphones. Continue reading for more details about Android Pay!

Android Pay will be implemented with almost all Android devices in the form of an application that you can download for free but new upcoming Android devices will most likely have it preinstalled.  Google already has a payment application called Google Wallet on the Play Store, however, it failed to gain traction in the market and fell in the shadow of Apple Pay. So, as a motivation to stand up again and to combat Apple in the mobile payment business, Google created Android Pay.

Some of the basic functions that Android Pay will allow you to do is pay with a credit card without the actual card. Android Pay lets you store debit and credit cards onto the app via manual input of your card information or a simple picture of the card which the app will store the info automatically. However, Android Pay does not work with all banks and so users might not be able to use all their cards. Click this to see the list of compatible banks. Google promises that all this stored information will be safe as they use a virtual account number to represent your account information which will keep your card details safe.

Using the app is also very simple. After storing your card onto the app, you can go to any store that accepts Android Pay and use your phone’s NFC to pay for your items with a mere tap between your phone and the scanner. If you have multiple payment options, the app will prompt you to choose which card you want to use after you make the tap. Not only can you use Android Pay in stores, you can also use it to pay for things online and in apps.

So, what do you think of Android Pay? Does it sound amazing or are you hardly going to use it?

Try it out right now!

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