Amazon Underground Launches with “Actually” Free Polaris Office Premium!

By Ho Young Won


Yesterday, Amazon launched an expansive and new Android application called Amazon Underground. By partnering up with numerous developers, Amazon Underground will provide up to $10,000 of different apps and games that are actually free including Polaris Office Premium. Continue reading to find out how to download this new app and go Premium on Polaris Office for free!

Amazon + Appstore

The app is essentially the combination of both the standard Amazon shopping app and the Appstore. It can and will replace your Amazon and Appstore so that you can have a more unified shopping experience. However, its main purpose is to provide users with actually free apps.


How Apps are “Actually” Free

Amazon has partnered up with numerous developers to make their paid and freemium apps go “actually” free. Some of these paid apps going free include Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, Goat Simulator, Angry Birds, and even Polaris Office (Premium) ! This means that even some of the freemium apps will have free microtransactions so that you can have an “actually” free experience. Sounds crazy, right? Why would developers agree to any of this? Well, Amazon is basically going to pay these developers depending on how long you use an “actually” free app after downloading it from Underground. According to Amazon, Underground is not just a temporary program and they are committed to keeping it in hopes to compete with the Google Play Store.

P.S. Amazon Underground is replacing the “Free App a Day” promotion.

Download Amazon Underground Now

Because the Google Play Store does not allow third-party app stores, you will have to download and install Amazon Underground from Amazon’s official website. It going to take a bit more steps than you usually would take when downloading an app, but it’s fairly an easy process.

Click the link down below to go download Amazon Underground now for your Android device and get yourself actually free Polaris Office Premium!

To find out more about the benefits of going Premium with Polaris Office:

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