Polaris Office Sync: Sync program for your efficient document management,


If you have installed Polaris Office on your phone or tablet, you can install Polaris Office Sync onto your desktop computer as well! This guide will take your through the steps to set up your Polaris Office Sync program to manage documents more efficiently.

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1. Installing Polaris Office Sync

① Visit our homepage at www.polarisoffice.com Find the Download link in the top right corner. Click the button that says “Windows PC”* to begin the download. (*Mac version will be supported in the future)


② After installation has completed, log in and set up your Polaris Sync folder.

A folder name Polaris Office will be created as the default folder, but you can also choose a preexisting folder to use for Polaris Sync.

Now, Polaris Office Sync installation is completed.


2. Synchronizing Documents

① When you open the newly created Polaris Office folder, all documents saved on your Polaris Office cloud will already be there.



② Documents can be simply dragged and dropped into the Polaris Office Sync folder. Files in this folder will be automatically uploaded to your cloud.

Ex. Documents in Polaris Office Sync folder


Ex. On your web browser


Ex. In mobile



Polaris Office Sync will automatically sync on all three platforms to make it easy to view, edit, and manage all your documents!

Polaris Office Sync Download