Make your day easier with Polaris Office!


Polaris Office can help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Check out some real ways to utilize Polaris Office.


[AM 08:14]

View the marketing proposal that was sent from the overseas office last night on your commute to work.



[AM 10:30]

Walk into your meetings and record proposal notes on a new document and share it with your team. All shared devices are updated to the latest document version so it allows everyone to view the most current revisions.



[PM 12:50]

After you and your boss stop by a café after lunch, your Boss suggests a few changes to your upcoming presentation. Simply open any other Polaris connected device like your tablet and revise the presentation on the spot.




[PM 15:00]

As your Boss begins the presentation you just updated from his tablet, you can simultaneously view the same file and add comments or notes to each slide



[PM 17:20]

After returning to your office after the presentation you can summarize the meeting and share your notes with your colleagues. As you or others add more notes to the document, all shared users will see the updates instantly.



[PM 20:40]

Even after coming home from work, you can sit down at your own computer and review your meeting notes from the day.



Every workday is busy, and time is your most invaluable resource. Don’t waste any more of it.

Using Polaris Office’s auto sync function for up to 5 devices you can access synced documents on your Office Desktop, Smartphone, iPad, Laptop, and computer at home. Always be able to access your important documents on the go. View, edit, and even share your important files anytime, anywhere.

You can share through, your address book, email attachment, or as a link. Even if there is revision made in shared document, it is automatically updated to the most recent revisions so you don’t have to sync your documents again.

Work smarter not harder on all your devices with Polaris Office!


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